should disband

Play me a sweet song please:

I chose this ad even though it’s not the most current, because I feel it was where they peaked. Ignoring for the moment that is not actually free and is pretty much a scam, let’s take a look at the ads. The first three commercials were clever and from out of nowhere. Previously the company had the worst ever jingle. One that sounded like a mid 80’s Christian help line’s hold music.

The problem with later ads is that not everyone can successfully write in other musical genres. They stretch themselves too thin trying to hit other musical beats which just don’t work with the words. I did kind of like the one at the renaissance fair but not enough to have it stuck in my head like the others. However I think I know the reason for the diminished quality.

As bizarre a statement it may sound considering the venue, I think the band sold out. When they first started they were about being clever and funny, and the product was sold on this. Then they went “commercial” if you will, making their songs essentially brochures. Not enough humorous story to product information ratio. ¬†Ultimately the commercials suffer for it.

In the world of advertising, there are one hit wonders. After they’ve disbanded, they can at least content themselves with the knowledge that they weren’t counted among that number.

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2 Comments on “ should disband”

  1. getbradstanleypublished Says:

    I posted this on someone else’s blog, and it seems like it’d go with your M.O. so this is a good video, and good speech (minus the euro jokes which I don’t get as I’ve unfortunately never been there):

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