Would you have a drink with yourself?

A look at two ads this time.


The first one is kind of funny; Hugh Hefner discussing the robe with himself. Though when he looks into the camera lecherously it does leave me feeling like I should get checked for an STD. Also I find it hard to accept his rags to riches story, when you’re talking about a loan of a 1000 dollars that long ago. I wonder how much that would translate to today? And he had a parent who was willing to loan it to him for porn… that’s really a self made man there. Still it is amusing.

The second with Julia Stiles is better. Debating art versus money is good for a chuckle. Course when I looked up her credits curious to see what she’s actually done recently, I found very few things. Sort of negates the whole conversation but what the heck, I’ll overlook that.

Mind you none of this really has anything to do with why I’m commenting on the commercials.

The subject matter is hidden in the humor of the commercials. Would you have a drink with yourself? while amusing, feels like a riff on the ‘Most interesting man in the world’ ads. If you really think about it though, what the commercials are really asking is: are you an alcoholic? After all, one of the dangers that is greatly discussed when treating alcoholism is drinking alone. Just ask any plastered guy in the back of a dank, poorly lit bar if he’d like to have a drink with himself. Course he would, he already is.

So never mind the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen urging you to drink responsible, the real message of the ads is not to. Which is really the private stance of any company that sells alcohol, Stoli’s just a little more blatant about it.  Refreshing I suppose, but it leaves me with a bitter aftertaste.

Well, not really. I just wanted to use those puns.

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  1. Ha. I am just now reading this … When you comment on my blog it still links to this site not the nonreview. You should change to the nonreview?

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